Many a times we’ve had the honour of witnessing two people in love setting off on their journey. The Two Deer is a restaurant which exudes tradition, perseverance through time and it is for this reason that marriages celebrated at our premises go on to be stronger and longer lasting. The Two Deer is a symbol of love – between him and her!

Top notch organization, professional staff, a huge selection of varied top of the line menus, as well as a rich selection of drinks and decorative wedding cakes are the best guarantee for your celebration. You can choose any of the themed rooms: the Main hall, Kafanica, the Tavern, Flambe, the Hunting hall or the Gala hall. The smallest hall has a 40 seat capacity, while the largest hall can accommodate up to 100 guests. We can also alter the environment of the chosen hall to accommodate your wishes, and we offer you the choice of full decoration.