Tourist groups


There is no better place to taste the history and culture in an urban environment such as Skadarlija street.

“The Two Deer” restaurant in Skadarlija is the favourite spot of numerous tourist agencies, agents and tour guides, considering that with its two centuries long tradition it represents a part of Belgrade cultural heritage. Besides, it is considered a cult restaurant which is a favourite among Belgrade natives, famous for its cuisine, acoustic music and rich history –offering a complete adventure and a hedonistic experience for tourists.    

You can choose any of the themed rooms on offer: the Main hall, Kafanica, the Tavern, Flambe, the Hunting hall or the Gala hall. Guests organized by tourist agents may arrange for a specific set menu.

Our vast experience with foreign tourists stretching over several decades makes us a reliable partner able to meet any demand, from small as well as large tourist groups from around the world. Our renowned chef will make sure that your guests experience superior traditional cuisine, and our pleasant staff will make sure that you have a pleasant stay.