Tastings and promotions


Should you need to organize a products promotion or a tasting for your company or clients, “The Two Deer” restaurant is a perfect choice.

There is no better place than the heart of the bohemian Belgrade lifestyle, particularly if you are organizing a wine tasting event. Numerous domestic, regional and world-famous wineries have presented their “drinks of the gods” right at our Skadarlija restaurant.

Depending on the number of guests and the halls used, you will have at your service one or more famous tambura orchestras, including the best Belgrade tambura ensemble “Tamburica 5”.

We are well aware of the importance of promotional events which will help you present your business operation, new product or brand, and it is our pleasure to be the hosts of your promotions.

The only task you will have is to choose the section of the restaurant, the time of day which suits you best, and leave everything else to the experienced, professional team of “The Two Deer” restaurant in Skadarlija.